viernes, 20 de marzo de 2009

Anuncio Culminis LATAM

Hello All.

I want to share advances in LatAm Region:
Item 1:

As we know the closure of MSN Groups affects the work of community leaders regarding their forums. I confirm the support of a hoster to host the content of the forums for user groups at no cost, the forums are similar to those we see in Community Server, which should make the community leaders who want to have their forum in the host is as follows:

The application process must be done by the group leader through a mail addressed to Jose Espinoza (
Hosting Service must be used exclusively for the community (User Group) who requests it, it is absolutely free. If the site detects that the sponsor is used for purposes unrelated to the community, for commercial purposes, the service will be killed in an immediate and without notice.
The content of the messages of the User Group must not violate copyrights.
Must be in a visible place on the web forum user group sponsor logo that says "Website hosted by the sponsor" for the link to your website.
The request will be processed directly by the name of Culminis Jose Espinoza and direct mail response will be the community leaders or groups of users that have requested the service.

2 GB of disk space
500 email accounts through the Windows Live Community Domain
Ability to add modules if the community demands for more email accounts with domain of community
Support for PHP5, ASP 3.0, ASP. Net1.1, 2 MySQL databases and SQL Server 2005, 2 subdomains, 5 connections ODBC / DSN, Silverlight 2.0, Access, Perl, Python, ASP.Net Starter Kits
Technical support in Spanish through a system of tickets

Should only send the mail asking for the forum or User Group Community

The domain name must possess the leading or buy on their own, if the leader is of interest, you can purchase a domain name through our sponsor's event with discounts

-- Grupos de MSN se cierran, si son lideres de grupos de usuarios: Culminis podrá otorgarles un dominiocon las características mencionadas a través de un patrocinador. NOTA: Deberan estar registrado su grupo en: --

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