miércoles, 30 de enero de 2008

Tour TechNet-Culminis en la comunidad


Visitando 5 ciudades del estado de Sonora:
Nogales, Hermosillo, Obregon, Guaymas, Navojoa

Con algunos de los siguientes temas:

-Introducción a Office Live Communication Server 2007
- Group Policy in Windows Vista  ITPRODSK-09

- Terminal Services in Windows Server 2008 ITPROADD-400
- Windows Vista Application Compatibility ITPRODSK-12

- ISA Server 2006 Technical Overview ITPROSEC-03

- Introduccion a Terminal Services con Windows Server 2003 R2

7 eventos, 5 ciudades, Febrero y Marzo.

ADMISION: 1 Lata de alimento no perecedero mismos que ITPROS Sonora entregará a una institución de asistencia/casa hogar de la región



Culminis CARES - An Open Letter From Our CEO

Tell us about your program.:

One of the greatest gifts that anyone can give is the gift of themselves.

Culminis has, since its inception, been about making a difference. We work to bring the IT Community together for a variety of reasons, communication, fellowship, networking, opportunities and service. The last one, is most important. 
As leaders, the members of the Alliance have shown that they are willing to make a difference by giving of themselves and elevating others. We have tried not only to encourage all leaders and members of the Alliance all over the world to seek out opportunities to make a difference in the lives of those not only within their organizations but further, in the community in which they reside. 
The Alliance has responded with thunderous results. 
We have seen extraordinary examples of the wonderful, giving character of IT PROS over the last year. Through the efforts of our leaders, we are proud to say that the lives of over one million children around the world have been made better, richer and more meaningful through the work of the Culminis Alliance leaders and the Members they lead.. 

This is a new program for us but one that will be ongoing. We want to recognize the wonderful IT Heroes out there that are making a difference, to hold them up as shining examples and through them to inspire others to give of themselves and ultimately, help all of us to make a difference. 
Dave Sanders
Culminis, Inc.

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